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With the recent advancement of many internet based cost savings websites, it is getting aggravating to move through all the different promos advertised regularly and pick the right car rental that you are attempting to find. So it is still beneficial to also try and find the rental place locally. But be sure to study more about rental organization itself, not just the vehicles that these folks feature. For instance, some major agencies include one way rent, which means that you have the ability to give back the automobile at any of their sites, whilst other distributors require that you return the auto at the original pick up location. Couple of companies may actually suggest a pickup/dropoff support which is always wonderful practice and can save the hassle of going to your rental auto in the first place.

To find the best car rental near New Jersey, try these picks suggested by the users of web community:

Beverly Hills Luxury Car Rental

Beverly Hills
(310) 907-7714

Bruce K said: National is at the P3 stop on the Newark Airport Airtrain, which meant that it was a really short ride for me from my arriving flight. Down the escalator and follow the signs. I really like when I can use a kiosk for my car rental, especially at New York City airports, so that I don’t have to deal with the usual New York attitude. (Probably because I have that attitude myself?)

I’m in National’s Emerald Club, so I get to choose any vehicle in that section. It was SUVs, SUVs and more SUVs but at least there were several that had local license plates.

Always document the damage to the vehicle before renting, I have read many times. So the first one I picked, a Nissan Rogue, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. Way too many scratches and dings, thanks very much and we moved on. The second one, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, had satellite radio and NJ tags and only one scratch on the bumper. Done!

The car worked great, no complaints at all. And the return process was smooth as silk. In, park and take pictures of the vehicle in the same condition as before, grab my stuff and back up that same escalator to the terminal.

Thanks, National! A solid experience. I recommend!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

180 Washington St
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 639-1911

Jesse R. said: Awesome rental car experience – very friendly and efficient manager named Chris helped me through the paperwork, as it was my first time renting a car. The office itself is a little hot without any AC, but otherwise no complaints! This Enterprise office has much better rates overall than the Newark Hilton Penn Station office, and it’s really not that far away at all. Chris also threw in a free upgrade which was very nice.

Hertz Corporation

1649 Springfield Ave
Maplewood, NJ 07040
(973) 761-1268

Helen L. said: Man! I feel bad for the folks that work here! As far as friendly, courteous, and accommodating service goes, Tommy and Britney definitely deserve a full FIVE stars. Every time we go there, we see people come in one after the next, each one with a complaint or demand or request…and almost all with shitty attitudes…abusive attitudes. They take it with stride and not a tone of attitude in return. I swear, I couldn’t do what they do! We’re guilty of being demanding too, but we don’t talk to people as if they’re beneath us or as if they owe us something, ya know? Anyway, I feel like they’re understaffed. One more person on staff (at least) would make a great deal of difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. The cars are alright. We always get the cheapest vehicles so they’re not the best ride, but the price is right so we can’t really complain too much.

American Standard Car & Limousine

1 Hotel Rd
Newark, NJ 07114
(973) 255-1100

Samantha C. said: I have used this company many times from home in New jersey, to EWR Newark Liberty International Airport, JFK, LGA, and PHL. They are always on time with clean new cars. Their fleet can accomodate any number of people. They have sedan, stretch limo, VAN, Suv, buses etc. I will be using American Standard Car and Limo service for my future travel .